Clients find that our tailored personalized services relieve them of their day-to-day responsibilities while providing an excellent return on investment. Our portfolio of managed properties includes, office condos, shopping centers, industrial properties, office buildings, and warehouses.

Our dedicated staff, property managers, leasing specialists, and accounting personnel, allow us to give our client’s properties the attention they demand. Volume-based discounts from our vendors enable us to keep operating costs at a minimum.

Taylor Long Properties Management has an extensive network of independent companies including several maintenance companies available to ensure efficient and prompt turnaround when your property needs it most.


We use a three step process when managing your property to ensure Preserving and Increasing property values.

  1. Tenant Retention – Every owner knows it’s much easier and less expensive to keep a tenant then it is to replace a tenant. This is why we focus and have chosen Tenant Retention as our first priority.
  2. Relationships – Whether it’s relationships with our owners, vendors or tenants, we know this can be the pivotal point when dealing with property management. This allows us to have a real “Hands on Approach”.
  3. Our Proactive manner allows us to get ahead of property issues vs. taking a Reactive stance. We’ve found that this has always helped us retain not only tenants, but clients as well.


Scope of Work:

  • Full Service Management – Property management, accounting, lease administrating
  • Contract Management – Management of vendor contracts.
  • Project Management – Including construction and transition
  • Rent Collections
  • Reporting

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